No Bull Speed 8k Strength & Skills Workouts

PROGRAM LIVE on APRIL 5, 2019! | taught by Balanced Movement
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Get ready for Running of the Bulls 8k! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

We get it. You know you "should" do strength & core work to support your running -- but where does the time go? ⏱ 

Our goal is to make it a no-brainer. Follow along with our time-efficient, high quality, online workouts. You'll get 8 weeks of focused, goal-oriented, complimentary strength and stability routines to prepare you to run your best 8k yet -- injury-free! 

Specific themes that truly help support your running strength and form. Each of the 8 weekly workouts will have a clear, biomechanically-sound goal for how the moves support your running. No more wasting time with exercises that don't translate to your primary goal: running strong & injury-free!

Time-Efficient. Though we recommend you do these workouts 2-3 times a week, we actually help you make that a reality.  The full workout will take 35-45 minutes, but each week also includes a "quick version" (12-15 minutes) for days or weeks where your time is crunched. No excuses!

Minimal Equipment. To maximize ease of use, these workouts are designed with minimal equipment needs. However, there are still some basic things you'll want to have on hand: Tubing with handles; Step; Dumbbells / Medicine Ball or some hand holdable weight; Slick surface you can slide on.

Overview of weekly themes:

WEEK 1: Basic Running Strength
WEEK 2: Single Leg Stability 
WEEK 3: Activating The Running Core 
WEEK 4: Rotation and Counter-Rotation 
WEEK 5: Landing Dynamics 
WEEK 6: Push Off with Power 
WEEK 7: Leg Speed for Cadence 
WEEK 8: Recovery and Race Preparation

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Quick Version
Week 2: Quick Version
Week 3: Quick Version
Week 4: Quick Version
Week 5: Quick Version
Week 6: Quick Version
Week 7: Quick Version
Week 8: Quick Version
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