Four expertly crafted workout routines (2-3 weeks each)
appropriate for any point in your training cycle!


Objective 1: Awaken your glutes and hip stabilizers

✅ Learn to access muscles deep in hip that eliminate the dreaded side-to-side wobble on the saddle

✅ Find an incredible new source of power as you learn to engage your glutes throughout the pedal stroke

Objective 2: Develop strength and awaken stabilizing muscles in the deep abdominals, back, shoulders, and arms 

✅ Minimize extraneous movement that robs crucial watts & energy

✅ Eliminate the source of common cycling ailments like low back pain, neck tension, hand numbness, and shoulder pain

✅ Develop the ability to handle your bicycle with ease during activities that use upper body strength and control (ie: sprinting and climbing)

Objective 3: Connect the parts of the cycling core 

✅ Develop the ability to keep a stable line of support through your hips, back, abs, and shoulders -- while also keeping a neutral neck

✅ Develop the foundation to be able to stay ON the bike through rough terrain and other crash-prone situations

Objective 4: Integrate into pedaling form 

✅ Challenge these objectives with increasingly difficult exercises and drills that are pedaling specific 

✅ Learn to transform rote exercises and theories to graceful, powerful movement on the bicycle

✅ Integrate these principles into your nervous system so that you'll always have them available to you

Through any training cycle or at any fitness level,

whether you're dealing with an injury or trying a new cycling discipline,

these principles will be with you to give you a leg up!


Brian Beatty, PT • Suzanna Vogel, LMBT • Ben Turits, LMBT

Brian Beatty, PT received his physical therapy degree from UNC Chapel Hill. He has been working in private, orthopedic based practice for his whole career. Brian has a particular focus on endurance athletics, hip & spinal issues and ‘hard to solve’ movement problems. An avid cyclist and runner, he enjoys almost any outdoor activity, and regularly presents on topics related to endurance athletics. Clinically he strives to combine physical therapy expertise with his interests in embodied learning, movement studies, health and healing so that his clients not only resolve their discomforts, but become smarter and more efficient in everything they do. www.balanced-movement.comSuzanna Vogel, LMBT (née Dupee) is a Board Certified Bodyworker, personal trainer, bicycle fitter, and movement enthusiast. She graduated cum laude with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A lifelong endurance athlete herself, Suzanna has dedicated her career to the study of human movement. She is known for her expertise in orthopedic and sports massage, bicycle fitting, and integrative personal training for athletes. | Ben Turits, LMBT is the Directeur Sportif of the Endurance Collective Elite Junior Development team and a USA Cycling coach. He is a coach on staff at the USA Cycling southeast regional talent ID camp. Ben works with athletes of all levels from the professional cycling world to amateur racers and riders of all disciplines. Ben is also a massage therapist specializing in sports therapy work and corrective exercise. Ben is passionate about creating customized training and integrative therapy and rehabilitation plans.