Screen Fatigue Resets

3 minute videos to help you refresh your brain + body | taught by Balanced Movement

The Power of Screen Fatigue Resets 

The next time you spend more than a couple hours in front of your computer or smartphone, take a pause. What do you feel?

Eye strain or burning behind your lids? 👀
Headache? 🤦
A stiff jaw, tight shoulders, or a cricked neck? 🙅
Ache in your upper or lower back? 👩‍💻
Numbness or pain in your hips or legs?🦵
Ache in your fingers or hands? 🙌

How's your brain? 🧠
Does it feel a little sluggish, little anxious, maybe a bit irritated?
Are your thoughts a bit hazy?

Technology is wonderful for many aspects of our lives, but screen time can wreak havoc on our bodies if left unchecked.
Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to press the reset button and feel refreshed again. 

When you do a reset once, you'll feel the benefits immediately. 

When you commit to doing them regularly (after every 2 hours of screentime), you'll begin to see the longterm benefits for both your health and your productivity! 

Educational Pricing 
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Course Curriculum

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