Trail Running Strength + Form

9 WEEK PROGRAM | RUNNING STRENGTH & SKILLS V | taught by Balanced Movement
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Get ready to run your next trail running race injury-free, smarter, stronger, faster than ever!
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This program includes 9 weeks of easy-to-follow, time-efficient, targeted online workouts and drills to compliment your trail running prowess!

We get it. You know you "should" do strength & core work to support your trail running -- but where does the time go? ⏱ 

Our goal is to make it a no-brainer. We've developed focused, goal-oriented, complimentary strength and stability routines to prepare you to run your fastest, strongest marathon or half marathon yet -- injury-free! 

Each workout takes ~30-45 minutes, but we also include a "quick version" (12-15 mins) of each routine, so you can fit it in, no matter what.  

Our specific weekly workout themes truly help support your running strength and form

Each of the weekly routines has a clear, biomechanically-sound rationale for how the moves support your *actual running!* No more wasting time with exercises that don't translate to your primary goal: running strong & injury-free on trails! 

Our goal is to help you stay, injury-free, balanced, and stronger than ever as you build up to your next trail event. 

Overview of workout themes:

Basic Strength for Trail Running

Stability on One Leg

Climbing The Hills

Descending Uneven Terrain

Following the Line

Smooth Cornering and Changing Directions

Trail Cadence

Agility on Slick and Rough Terrain

Race Prep: Putting It All Together

Course Curriculum

Quick Version: Week 1
Quick Version: Week 2
⏱Quick Version: Week 3
⏱Quick Version: Week 4

About the Instructors

Balanced Movement Online brings you on-demand, online modules for endurance athletes with same mindful attention, integrative, and learning-based approach to movement and health that we offer in-person at Balanced Movement Studio in Carrboro, North Carolina.